Oh Honey…No

Oh Dear November 18, 2008

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Have you ever been out on a sunny day and thought, “Gee, a hat would be nice right now to keep the sun out of my eyes.  If only hats didn’t squish my giant Utah Claw bangs! *sigh*”  (No offence to Utahns, that’s just what I call giant bangs)  Well, I haven’t thought about this either.  But if you have, fear not for salvation has come!  Behold, the bang-go hat:


Oh, it gets better.  Here is a picture of it while it’s not being worn:


Here’s what the bang-go creators have to say about their product (with a few of my own comments as well), taken from http://www.bang-go.com/:

At first glance the Bang-go cap may seem silly (that’s because it is), but you won’t think so once it’s worn (let me check…wait, wait!  nope.  it still looks silly).  The cap looks like a visor from the front and a baseball cap from the back (so it’s the hat version of a mullet), so much so that is often takes a while before people realize you are wearing something new and different (you know, the people staring at you with a “what the…” expression on their faces).

And most women will discover in a side-by-side comparison, the Bang-go cap is not only more comfortable than a traditional cap, it’s also more flattering (because what’s more flattering than the Utah Claw coming out of your hat?).

Maybe it’s time to change hats and try the one with the hole in front.  You too could look great in the curiously comfortable Bang-go cap with detachable visor.

Of course, if you are worried about keeping the sun out of your eyes while at the same time preventing a bad case of hat-hair, you could just get a visor.  But apparently visors are cheap and overrated.