Oh Honey…No

Don’t Do That Ever Ever Ever… March 7, 2009

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I tried putting this on my favorite quotes on facebook, but it wouldn’t let me. So I’m putting it here.

This was a conversation between my mom and my sister after my mom gave her cell number out to some stupid website quiz thing.  Her phone suddenly went nuts with text messages from this website, but since she didn’t know how to get them to stop,  I had to unsubscribe her number from it:

Traci – “And did we learn a lesson here?”
Mom – *grumbling* “Don’t do things I know I’m not supposed to do.”
Traci – “That’s a great generic life lesson. Care to narrow it down?”
Mom – “Don’t look at things on the internet.”
Traci – “How about you just don’t do the stupid quizzes on facebook.”
Mom – “But it’s there everyday! Just staring at me!”
Traci – “You can click ‘ignore’ and it will go away.”
Me – “Wait…was this a facebook application or one of those stupid ads on the side of the screen?”
Mom – *grumbling* “It was an ad.”
Traci – “You clicked on an ad? Didn’t you learn not to click ads in 1997?”
Mom – *sheepish* “No…I just wanted to know how many triangles there were.” *suddenly angry* “Great! Now my cell phone number is out there somewhere and I’ll probably get all of these stupid texts.” *brief pause, and then she gets this epiphany* “Oh, hey! Maybe I’ll get texts now!”

So the lesson is, don’t do things you know you’re not supposed to do ever ever ever ever…but hey, maybe someone will actually text my mom now (not that she knows how to text them back)



2 Responses to “Don’t Do That Ever Ever Ever…”

  1. kwistin Says:


    Your posts never cease to amaze. Did Facebook not let you put it on there because of technical difficulties, or because it was offended at what you were saying?

    I’m happy we’ve all learned a lesson here today. 🙂

  2. amyboo Says:

    well i’m glad that you found my post to be educational. 🙂 and i think i just ran out of room in my quotes section on facebook.

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