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Marc Jacobs is My Current Favorite Ugly Shoe Designer November 19, 2008

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Don’t get me wrong, Marc Jacobs has also designed some fabulous shoes, but occasionally he comes out with shoes that make you want to bang your head against the desk and say, “why? Why?!”

Allow me to present Exhibit A, the wedge tennis shoe:


Some things are great when combined.  Peanut butter and jelly.  Cookies and milk.  You get the idea.  However, some things are better left separate.  Tennis shoes should never have heels.  Ever.  Just stash these in the museum of bad ideas along with

New Coke, refresh-new-cokeCrystal Pepsi, crystal-pepsi and these beauties.bootsideburns

Moving on to Exhibit B, the creepy Mary Jane boots:


Normally, I have nothing against Mary Janes (unless they have an ugly heel–Traci turned me into a heel snob).  In fact, after watching the movie Penelope I have been wanting my own pair of green Mary Janes.

penelope1 So cute!

Anyways, these boots by Marc Jacobs creep me out.  Not as much as spiders or Richard Simmons, but they’re still creepy.  Why would anyone want a shoe that looks like it has half a leg sticking out of it is beyond me.

Finally, I give you Exhibit C, the backwards heel shoe:


Dear Marc Jacobs,


Sincerely, Me

’nuff said


2 Responses to “Marc Jacobs is My Current Favorite Ugly Shoe Designer”

  1. Michelle Says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love you!

    Seriously though, what is with the mary Jane boots? That was thought up with some chemical help also called mary jane….

    The cowboy boot sideburns are hott tho. All the boys should have those.

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